To Homeschool or Not

I can still remember the day that I decided to homeschool my kids for the first time. Our neighborhood was brand new….we were the 5th house to be built….and the closest school was 10 miles away. I decided that it would be best to homeschool for a year until the school in our neighborhood was built.

My daughter was only 2 at the time and her brothers were….let’s just say they were a handful. I used an online school program and struggled to keep up with all of the assignments and jobs they needed to finish while chasing my baby around and keeping her from eating the glue.

I ended up putting the boys into public school when it opened up. The time alone was nice…the attitudes weren’t. The kids were always angry, being bullied and hating to learn. It wasn’t how I wanted life to be.

It took me several years to try homeschool again. When I pulled my daughter out of her 3rd grade classroom, I second guessed my decision for over a year.

My boys were all in high school and something odd happened.They begged to be taken out and to get homeschooled too! I asked my son, “You don’t want to miss out on the high school experiences like Prom and graduation and friends do you?”His answer sealed the deal.

“You mean like missing out on the drugs and sex and porn? I’ll survive.”

I drove to his school and took him out later that week, along with his younger brother. The school tried to stop me. They couldn’t understand why I would want to take him out when he was doing so well. He had a 4.0 GPA and was one of the top 3 in his class. He was on the baseball team and everything looked perfect on paper.

What they didn’t see was the boys who pushed him into the open oven in his culinary class. The missed out on the baseball team who always called him “gay” and made fun of him for not wanting to have sex before he was married.

The clincher was when my oldest son, a senior, called me from school and asked me to come and get him. I asked him what was wrong and he said he needed new clothes because he was covered in food.

A group of kids who had seen a post on Facebook about his pro-marriage opinion decided to throw their food on him at lunch…afterwards they followed him and threatened to kill him.

I was LIVID! I talked to the Principal and he laughed it off. He told my son to go back to class and man up. I told him that I was going to take him home with me. The Principal told me that they were on “his time” and I didn’t have the RIGHT to take him home. He sent my son back to class…covered in food.


Why we choose to homeschool

That was it for me. The next day I pulled him out and he finished up his last semester with homeschooling. He missed the last half of his senior year. The weird thing…he didn’t care at all. He was happy.

You might be wondering what happened to the kids who threatened to kill my son and dumped food all over him. Nothing. Nada. Not even a suspension or a call to the parents.

I don’t blame the Principal or the school. Their hands are tied. The education system is setup to fail. Teachers are not allowed to educate students. Their hands are tied with governement regulations and testing. They don’t want to be there. The kids don’t want to be there. Everyone is miserable.

Parents who believe their kids are angels and sue the schools for ridiculous reasons are allowed to run the show. Large corporations are making millions off our kids with uneccassary testing. Don’t get me started on Common Core!

It’s a mess.

I had a choice to make. Should I stay and try to clean up the mess and make public schools better for all of the kids or take mine out and save them. I chose to save my own kids first.I haven’t given up though. I petition for changes and I’m involved in trying to improve the system.

There is a need and not all parents have the opportunity to home school. It’s my responsibility to be a voice for change.

It’s been 8 years since I pulled my kids out of public school for the 2nd time. I can tell you that it was the BEST decision that I have ever made. The boys are working in careers they love, one is almost done with his degree in Business Analytics. My daughter is working on high school while attending a vocational school and earning college credits towards a degree in Veterinary Medicine.

Without the freedom of homeschool these opportunities wouldn’t have been possible. It’s not easy…but it’s not hard either. The toughest part about homeschooling your kids is making the decision and telling friends and family. After that you’re free to mold your kids and help them learn to be confidant and love learning.

What would homeschool make possible for your family?

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