5 Reasons To Homeschool Through High School

My boys were in 9th, 10th and 12th grade when they decided that they wanted to be homeschooled like their sister (who was in 3rd grade).

“But you’ll miss out on Prom, sports and all of the other high school experiences!” I pleaded.

My Sophomore surprised me when he piped up, “You mean the drugs, sex and porn. No thanks mom. I’ll pass.”

That was all that I needed to hear. I decided to pull them out, but the question was…how.

Elementary school was easy. I could teach multiplication and reading….but High School?!? How on earth was I supposed to teach the kids things like Calculus and Chemistry? I was starting to give up on the idea when I sat down and started to do a little Googling.

What I found surprised me. There were lots of different curriculums that had the instructional videos included. Translation….I didn’t need to re-learn Calculus.

I plucked up the courage to start and found out some surprising facts.

  • When you’re homeschooling the high school years it’s actually EASIER than the younger years. Teens can be responsible for doing their own school work and don’t need you to sit next to them all day long and encourage them to work. A simple “If you don’t finish your work by 5:00 you’ll lose your phone tomorrow” works wonders.
  • When you take your kids away from the outside influences of other kids…the attitudes, swearing, disrespect..etc…they don’t do those things anymore. Weird..right? It takes some time to wear off, but eventually your kids are more mature. respectful and happy.

  • You can buy videos that teach your kids. You don’t need to learn anything new. You can find curriculum that fits your teens learning style and so the learning becomes easier and actually..fun! There are even online groups where your kids can talk to other teens who are working on the same projects and are being homeschooled too. They can work together and ask each other for help. There are paid groups where teachers will also tutor your students for you.

  • Grumpy teens and stressful mornings become a thing of the past. Your kids can wake up when they want and you don’t have to rush out the door. Many moms find that their kids are happier because the anxiety from school, friends, bullying and grades are now gone. Your teen is free to discover who they are without the outside influences trying to teach them things you don’t believe in. (Like gender confusion…Grrr.)

  • You can include your faith and religious beliefs into your daily school. This one surprised me. I had no idea what it would be like having daily Bible study with my kids. We were able to really talk about verses and how they apply to the kids. Our home became more Christlike and peaceful.

I’ve been homeschooling on and off for almost 12 years. Every day isn’t going to be sunshine and roses. BUT our days are MUCH easier than they were when the kids were dealing with the stress of public school.

If I had to go back and decide to homeschool again I would do it in a heartbeat. It has brought our family closer and has given me a relationship with my kids that wouldn’t have been possible any other way. Worth it? You bet!

Want to learn more about how to get started homeschooling through the high school years? Visit guidedhomeschool.com

5 reasons you should homeschool your kids through the high school years and how to get started.
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